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Grace Notes: How We Shape

An Intimate Room


1. Multipurpose Spaces foster lively interaction and sharing of daily events.

The balconied room at the right is a dining room that incorporates both a library and stair hall without compromising the sense of spaciousness.


2. Light and Color can create a comforting glow.

Example on right: Soft warm color enhances the relaxation factor, while an upper story window brings the sunshine in for natural lighting.


3. Inviting Furnishings encourage good times.

 A central table brings people close to one another for dining and conversation, while window seats (out of sight) encourage individual coziness and create reading nooks.


4. A Hint of Imperfection makes a room relaxing and reassuring.

In the room on the right, a collection of books in easy reach creates familiarity without clutter or distraction.



Intimate Home

5. Playful Details:

Example on right: Classical details are scaled down to make this room more endearing, and give it an air of casual elegance.


6. An interior focus makes an inward looking room cozier than an exposed one.

Example above:  The space is designed around human needs, and so feels warm and lively even when not in use.