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About Melanie Taylor 
Architecture & Gardens
For thirty years, Melanie Taylor has won a reputation for possessing an acute instinct for what people want and for what will succeed in the market.  Taylor was a member of the first team of architects at the development of Seaside, Florida, which continues to influence developers and designers throughout the United States and western hemisphere. Related to Seaside, Taylor was a founding member of the Congress for New Urbanism.  

Taylor has built her reputation on her residential work both for individuals and for leading developers. She is recognized as a leader in her industry by her peers, which is attested by the regular appearance of her work, over the last twenty years, in major shelter magazines, including Traditional Home,  House Beautiful & Decorating and Remodeling.

While known for her designs, Taylor’s practice is committed to delivering the highest standards of clear communication and project management.

Melanie Taylor received an MS in Urban Design from the University of Miami and her M. Arch from Yale University. She has taught, lectured and critiqued at various universities including Yale, Harvard, and McGill.