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AGN’s team consists of highly experienced architects, town planners, designers,
engineers, renderers, and specialized consultants.

“Our team-members, over the last quarter century, have, individually, consulted on leading developments throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean,” says AGN’s co-founder, Melanie Taylor. “We share an observation, however, that  
The most interesting and successful projects are very often smaller -scale.”
“Small developers require the same services--but 
in smaller increments--as big developers.
Big developers, however, can employ or quickly 
assemble their teams while the small developer, historically, cannot.  AGN is challenging this competitive disadvantage by offering small developers the professional services and experience of the big guys.

Garnett, AGN’s other co-founder, continues,  “AGN's professionals understand the  unique goals
and specific challenges of the small developer. AGN leverages its clients’ time so that they may focus on their core competencies.” 

Garnett says that AGN offers its clients ”a powerful tool that combines proven expertise and speed-to-market capacity until now only available to big, vertically-integrated developers.” 


What We Offer

The Alliance for Great Neighborhoods (”AGN”) provides

An Integrated Solution for Smaller Developers, Colleges,

Builders, and Communities.

Alliance for Great Neighborhoods

Site Planning    Community    Village & Campus Design    Residential Plans   Presentation Materials


Ensemble Planning & Design

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Melanie Taylor Architecture

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