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Alliance for Great Neighborhoods

A team of leading design professionals providing creative solutions to colleges, builders and developers

 New Urbanist Developments (TND)

 New Villages

 Ensembles (Pocket Neighborhoods)

 Individual Showcase Homes


Melanie Taylor  An architect from New Haven, CT.  who created some of the original designs at Seaside and Watercolor.  Her

unique approach to creating neighborhoods and villages utilizes concepts from New Urbanism along with her own Architectural Ensemble approach.



Our Mission: “To create the landmarks of our time; the historic districts of the future”

Contact Us:

Melanie Taylor                              

Melanie Taylor Architecture

Residential Architecture & Urban Design




Rendering of Riverfront Homes for Steinhatchee Shores copyright Melanie Taylor Architecture

By Melanie Taylor Architecture & Gardens formerly Orr & Taylor        Watercolor by Szabo

About The Alliance